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Hello Gorfang!

Mr. Meh seems to have beaten me to the punch with his post about rolling Order on Gorfang. I’ve been in a rut with Warhammer Online lately, so last week I decided to try to shake it off by playing Order!

My highest level Order toon is rank 17-ish, but I’ve sworn off touching Badlands as my teeny way of helping with their population problem.

So, behold my itty bitty Witch Hunter and Rune Priest!















I think I’m most excited about getting a gyrocopter!


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Coming Clean

My blog posts in general have become rather few and far between. I guess it’s time for an explanation and some spring cleaning.

To start, I haven’t abandoned this blog or anything like that, it’s more about finding the time and energy to site down and write. Let me give you a break down of what I’ve been up to.

Time Management

I’ve been volunteering as the news correspondent for Warhammer Alliance for four months now. I used to update the front page just on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but this semester I began updating seven days a week.

As a journalist, I take this responsibility seriously and I’ve incorporated a more newsroom-esque attitude to the job. Sure, my updates are light-hearted and upbeat (an attitude I most likely picked up from stalking Frank of Overly Positive too much) but I put a lot of work in behind the scenes.

After I wake up in the morning (either at 6:40 or 8 a.m. depending on the day) the first thing I do is pick up my phone and check my e-mail, and then my Twitter to see if I missed anything while I was sleeping. This continues at least once every hour as the day progresses until I head home from classes.

Then I update the news. This involves going through my RSS feed, my Twitter feed, the Warhammer site, the official forums and the WAR-Europe site.

For each and every piece of news I post on WHA, you can be sure I’ve reviewed it multiple times. If there’s a video, I’ve watched it at least twice, once straight through and the second time while taking notes to be sure I cover the main points. If it’s an IRC chat or one of those live streams you bloggers keep hosting, I will pop in to get feel for what’s going on, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

To do otherwise I feel would be not only a disservice to WHA’s audience, but also to my profession.

Normally, this type of schedule would be no problem for me and I would easily be able to balance writing thorough blog posts as well.

However, I’m a college senior now. I’m graduating in December, and I also took on a part-time job as a web administration assistant. That is why I get up at 6:40 a.m. three days a week, and that is why I can’t stay up late any more playing Warhammer, despite how much I want to.

Also, as you’ve probably notice me mention here and there, I am engaged. We finally got around to setting a wedding date.

I’m getting married Jan. 1, 2011.

That’s 10 months away. We’ve had to start seriously making plans, which is made extremely difficult by the fact that my fiancé, our families and I all live far away from each other.

This means that I am balancing updating WHA, being a full-time student, working, planning a wedding AND keeping my eyes peeled for job opportunities after I graduate.

On a good day, I’m done by 8 or 9 p.m. On a bad day (like everyday last week) I don’t finish everything until midnight or later.

My blog is pretty low on the totem pole, so it and my gaming time in general have taken the worst blows. Sleep is a close second.

WAR Bureau Isn’t Going Anywhere

If you’ve been reading my blog for anything length of time, or have at least perused through my archives, you may have noticed a change in tone.

This can probably be attributed to my busy schedule, but also to the fact that I’m not being graded on my blog anymore. I can relax more now, and write just about whatever I want without my grade on the line (because I’m going to graduate with that 4.0 if I die trying!)

So, hopefully I’ll be able to find time to update this with interesting Warhammer Online-related things I find and any screenshots I think will be worth your time. Maybe now and then I’ll be able to write an article like I used to. I actually miss that. WAR and video games in general are on the short list of things I enjoy reporting.

The Waaagh Continues

On the topic of Warhammer, I’ve finally gotten around to updating my blogroll. If you have time, I’d like you to take a look at one of the blogs I’ve added under General Gaming called Buy, Try, or Burn It.

It’s a gaming/anime/movie review blog, and it’s written by my fiancé, Jett. To be honest, I’m impressed by the walls of text he churns out, and I actually understand more now about the topics covered than when he has tried to explain them to me.

Also, due to alliance drama and Destro burn-out, I’m taking a break from my Witch Elf on Volkmar. For a while now I haven’t really been enjoying myself when I find the time to log on, which is especially disappointing in light of the work I’ve had to do to find time to game.

So, I’m stalking a different server now as a Witch Hunter. I’m enjoying seeing the game from my main toon’s Order mirror and just playing as Order in general. I’m in Tier 2 right now, and I’m having more fun than I have in months.

Since I’m holding out on being in a guild/alliance after my recent experiences, I also decided to turn the sound back on in my game, something I haven’t listened to in well over a year.

I feel like I’m the girl I used to be back in September 2008, before Skype and Ventrilo, before alliance officership and awkward silences, back when I logged into my first MMO and looked around the Blighted Isle completely confused and not knowing what to do.

With everything else on my plate right now, I feel like I’ve somehow regained a little bit of my gaming innocence.

So if you’ll excuse me, I have a Witch Elf to kill.


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What to Play: Witch Hunter

There are tons of posts on Warhammer’s official forums where players ask each other for advice on what career they should play in WAR. Sooner or later, a response will pop up along the lines of, “Try them all. Play what you like.”

So, I decided to go a bit further and help those uncertain people out. In this What to Play series, I plan on interviewing someone from each career in the game, Order and Destruction.

First up is Foxrunner, who plays a Witch Hunter on the Volkmar server. All of his responses were obtained via private message on WAR’s official forums.

When did you begin playing Warhammer Online? What got you into the game?

I started playing in closed Beta with my brother.  I had previously played Dark Age of Camelot for about 6 years prior many of my guildys were moving from there to WAR so I followed with them.

What is your character’s rank and renown rank?

I play a Rank 40 Renown Rank 61 Witch Hunter

What guild and alliance do you belong to?

I am currently in the guild Moonspur <3  Awesome bunch of guys and we are in the Learn to Play Alliance

Why did you choose to play a Witch Hunter?

I had played a Nightshade in Dark Age of Camelot which was a stealth class.  Had my buddies decided to go Destro I would have been a Witch Elf.  Plus I thought it was kind of cool carrying a sword and pistol around

What are the Witch Hunter’s advantages?

Stealth sometimes you are able to pick your fights.  Witch Hunters are also more defensive by nature then Witch Elves with tools like Repel Blasphemy and Morale Ability Confusing moments we can have up to 12 seconds of 100% parry which is a life time in a fight.  Also using a well timed stun in conjunction with a torment and Burn Away Lies adds up to a lot of damage in our favor.  For a WH to really shine though you need the good gear and Renown Ranks.  High melee crit seems to be at the top of the list for most of the better Witch Hunters and having tinkered with it myself I can definitely agree.  Those Witch Hunters you see dishing out 180-300K damage in a scenario are running high strength, high melee power, high melee crit.

What are the Witch Hunter’s disadvantages?

We are after all glass canons.  We were light armor most of us even low toughness.  Unfortunately in a small man setting all of our parry buffs only delay the inevitable which is our demise.  When our targets have heals etc its imperative that we run in the assist train so our targets die.

What is your favorite part of playing a Witch Hunter?

I like the look and feel of my class.  I enjoy sneaking into back lines in a fight and taking out a healer or even just running an interrupt.  If it’s a 6v6 fight its a pretty big deal when all of the sudden you lose one of your healers.  Sometimes its a sacrifice though but well worth it.

What strategies do you use?

Aside from proper gear, spec, and tactic setup the fights dont vary all that much.  Usually drop my opener, torment, stun, torment, Burn Away Lies, Repel Blasphemy etc hehe  Don’t let melee DPS classes behind you!  Do the dance or circle strafing like everyone else does.  All of the DPS classes get some kind of bonus from being behind their target and typically those attacks hurt.  I would run the Shroud of Magnus in the confession tree.  7 seconds of 100% disrupt against a caster is just pure win.

What advice would you give someone considering playing a Witch Hunter?

Be prepared to die…. A lot.  The Witch Hunters don’t really seem to shine till later in the ranks when compared to the Witch Elves.  We don’t get a lot of our defensive abilities till Rank 40 either.  I will say that having a good guild or group with healers is most ideal for us seeing how we are able to die pretty quickly.  I run in  a guild group all the time now I love it.  Although prior to finding my  new guild I ran solo for a long time so I had a lot of experience figuring out all the ins and outs of the class.  Hehe on a lighter note stay away from Chosen in a 1v1 setting it usually doesn’t go well     Oh and Detaunt and Declare Anathema (self knockback) are sorely over looked abilities they get me out of a jam a lot!  Sometimes its just that extra second or two that you need in order to get heals! Right now I run 13 points into Judgement (burn away lies, pistol whip, atonement, and fanatical cleansing) the rest of my spec goes 9 into Confession (repel blasphemy and shroud of magnus)  keep in mind this build isnt 100% feasible for everyone seeing how im relying on my bonus points from Renown Rank.  For the lower ranks I would suggest 13 into Judgement (burn away lies, pistol whip and fanatical cleansing) 9 into Confession with Repel Blasphemy.

What changes, if any, do you think Mythic should make to the class?

I wish they could fix stealth hehe  Either make it break when damaged ALL the time or not at all.  Right now the stealth mechanic seems to be so hit and miss.  I have dueled many Witch Elves and one of them (the best on our server) runs a high initiative build (at least 60 or so more than myself) and at times I have seen her coming at me in stealth from a  mile away.  Others I am popped on without the slightest clue she is even coming.  In my opinion this presents a strange “issue” in my eyes that something isnt quite right.

I would like to give a big thank you to Foxrunner for taking the time to answer my questions. I hope to see him on the battlefields.

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