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A Year of Warhammer Alliance

I’m all up in your community site, posting your news!



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I just couldn’t help myself.

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Hello Gorfang!

Mr. Meh seems to have beaten me to the punch with his post about rolling Order on Gorfang. I’ve been in a rut with Warhammer Online lately, so last week I decided to try to shake it off by playing Order!

My highest level Order toon is rank 17-ish, but I’ve sworn off touching Badlands as my teeny way of helping with their population problem.

So, behold my itty bitty Witch Hunter and Rune Priest!















I think I’m most excited about getting a gyrocopter!


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Happy Birthday Warhammer Online!


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Happy Anniversary to Me!

In the midst of preparing to graduate and planning a wedding, I totally forgot that  WAR Bureau turned one year old on September 3.


Over the course of one year, I managed to write a measly 45 posts (including this one). Pathetic! Shame on you, Charlotte-Skaven-Witch-Elf-thing, shame!

My stats aren’t all that impressive given my tiny post count, but there are other more interesting things!

In the past year I

And so, I tip my hat to you kind readers for visiting and to Mythic for making such an awesome game.

After all, how many people can say that an MMO helped them pass not just one, but three college classes?


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A World Beyond WAR

As of today, I have been in the guild The Murder Junkies on Volkmar for exactly one year!

To celebrate — and make up for a month of no posts — I’m sharing the final project I did for my online media production class last semester. It’s a Flash package showcasing some really striking scenery that I saw in Warhammer Online.

And, as a bonus, you also get to see my work-in-progress portfolio. When I get some time I’m planning on adding in a meta description like Rudepox suggested when I posted my last project.

I hope you enjoy looking at A World Beyond WAR.

A World Beyond War


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Giant Slayer Items

For the past several months I have been wearing the Giant Slayer Corset on my Witch Elf. I’ve gotten rather bored with the look of it, but there’s no way I’m giving up its 6 percent melee crit any time soon.

Recently though I’ve been getting several tells from people asking where I got it. When I told the first person it dropped in the Screaming Cat instance in Altdorf, I realized that with the new city mechanic, Screaming Cat was no longer available as far as I knew.

According to a thread on the forums, the content has been taken out, but the devs want to put it back in…sometime…hopefully….

So I guess I’m a bit more appreciative now of my luck in landing that chestpiece then I ever was before.

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