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Valentine’s Day

The whole reason I started playing Warhammer was to keep in touch with my friends and my fiancé after I transferred to a different university. Well, my friends quit around December 2008, and Jett lasted until about April 2009.

Over the the past 10 months or so I have repeatedly tried to get Jett to return to play with me, to bash skulls like the good old days. No luck.

Since we weren’t able to be with each other for Valentine’s Day, he decided to surprise me by downloading the unlimited free trial for the weekend.

While I couldn’t be with him physically, and despite knowing that he’s not coming back to WAR, it still meant a lot to me that we were able to actually spend time together and interact in a way that phone calls just can’t pull off.

Thanks Mythic for helping to make my Valentine’s Day better.

Jett and Charlotte

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