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Behold, the Zerg

Over on Werit’s Warhammer blog, he is taking readers time traveling this week as he re-publishes old posts. He went all the way back to June 2008 for Wednesday’s post, which deals with the issue of zerging.

Zerging, as Werit defines it, “is basically getting a large group of players and going from objective to objective, laying waste to anything in your path.”

He gets right to the point in explaining why zergs work. Healers keep these massive swarms of players alive and stabbing. They can out-heal enemy DPS, and they can even heal and resurrect each other, which makes for a very frustrating and unproductive time trying to take out the zerg’s backbone.

Werit also points out that the relatively close placement of objectives allows for an easy mass migration from one point to another. This means that gigantic sea of red names will quickly drown your puny attempt to attack another objective.

At the end of his post, Werit asked his readers if WAR, which at that time had not been released, would have such issues with zerging. Now, over a year later, he is asking if he was right.

Yes, he was. Terrifyingly so.

Both Order and Destruction have had their own turns leading zerglings from zone lock to zone lock. That’s ok. It’s not fun being vastly outnumbered, but it’s bound to happen and players brace themselves, grit their teeth and deal with it.

Massively-multiplayer is in the name for a reason, but sometimes the imbalance gets to be a bit much.

In his post, Werit wrote, “The problem with a zerg is, it becomes pointless to even fight it. You will just end up feeding renown to your enemy. All you can do is make your own large group or wait until the zerg breaks up, then go recapture everything. The whole battlefield becomes a flipping affair.”

The big problem WAR had, and is still working on, is making sure the zergfest doesn’t stick around 24/7. That’s when it gets demoralizing, and players begin to quit or reroll elsewhere. I remember being on Vortex and getting absolutely steamrolled over and over by Order, until I left to play Destruction on Dark Crag for about a month.

Luckily, Mythic seems to be getting its act together. Server transfers saved active players from dying servers (good riddance Vortex!) and I’m looking forward to the coming crowd control modifications.

I’m on Volkmar now, and while I find myself against Order zergs occasionally, the RvR is nothing like it was on Vortex. One side usually has the upper hand in numbers, but lately I’ve been seeing relatively equal forces smashing each other’s skulls.

Zergs are an inevitable part of WAR, but are unhealthy in excess, just like anything else (coughbrightwizardscough).

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