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Guild Interviews

Photo by Adam N. Ward

The interview I did with the guild leader of DROW is up over on Warhammer Alliance. I’ve only done two so far, but I’ve balanced it with one Order guild and one Destruction guild.

I like interviewing people who play WAR. I did it for a Web design project a year ago, where I asked the same three questions to someone of each career in the game, and now I’m lurking about again.

After being trained as a journalist (I’ll have that shiny degree in a year!) it’s a lot of fun to put what I’ve learned to work with something I love.


I only play on one server, so I’m relying on my own forum trolling and other people to bring interesting guilds to my attention. Especially any on European servers since I have no access to those.

Hint hint.

So, if you’re in an awesome guild and want it to get some well-deserved love and attention, drop me a line and I’ll see about setting up an interview. You can contact me in the comments, by e-mail or even by my Twitter account over there on the right.


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