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Giant Slayer Items

For the past several months I have been wearing the Giant Slayer Corset on my Witch Elf. I’ve gotten rather bored with the look of it, but there’s no way I’m giving up its 6 percent melee crit any time soon.

Recently though I’ve been getting several tells from people asking where I got it. When I told the first person it dropped in the Screaming Cat instance in Altdorf, I realized that with the new city mechanic, Screaming Cat was no longer available as far as I knew.

According to a thread on the forums, the content has been taken out, but the devs want to put it back in…sometime…hopefully….

So I guess I’m a bit more appreciative now of my luck in landing that chestpiece then I ever was before.

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Armor Redesign: The Last Batch

I’ve been pretty busy the past several days, so it almost escaped my notice that Mythic put up the third and final installment of armor redesigns on Friday.

However, I stand by my previous statement that Order’s armor designs are rather underwhelming. Sure, they’re the “good” guys, and they’re not going to be covered in all sorts of spiky, stabby bits, but they should still look epic.

The Destruction careers that I see in high-rank gear really stand out from the crowd. Order, not so much, at least from what these redesigns are showing me.

So, without further ado, here are the remaining armor changes:



Rune Priest

Shadow Warrior

Warrior Priest


Black Orc

Disciple of Khaine



If you tally these eight with the other 14 careers I previously posted, you might notice that two careers are conspicuously absent.

To be honest, I didn’t even realize the Slayer and Choppa weren’t included until I checked out the armor redesign thread on the official forums.

Nate LaMartina, the character systems lead, explained in the thread that the Slayer and Choppa “armor progressions were already very close to what we envisioned.” He linked to two other threads where he discussed intent of the armor redesigns, as well as future changes to Choppas.

LaMartina also said that he will be writing a developer diary for the Herald, so I’m looking forward to gaining more insight into their redesign process.

Exciting stuff, folks!

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Armor Redesign

The weekend got off to a nice start Friday when Mythic released the second part of their series on armor redesign. It’s been just over a month since they unveiled the first six armor changes, so perhaps we can expect to wait another month for the final installation.

Anyway, here are the 14 armor changes that have been posted so far:



Bright Wizard


Knight of the Blazing Sun


White Lion

Witch Hunter


Black Guard




Squig Herder

Witch Elf


I’m especially happy because I finally got a look at the new Witch Elf designs, which I’ve been absolutely itching to see since the first shots came out.

However, I have to agree with Skarbd that Order got the short end of the stick when it comes to visuals. The armor for the Destruction careers feels a lot more creative, intimidating, and, well, just plain cooler.

I think the redesigns are an improvement on the whole, but I feel bad for the poor Knight of the Blazing Sun in particular. Seriously, that career can kick my little Witch Elf tush. However, when my friends played WAR one of the reasons they refused to play the KotBS was because of how it looked.

Skarbd sums it up pretty well when he says, “I can imagine Rivs, seeing my character charge across the battlefield and the only thing he has to avoid, is being blinded by the dazzle of my armour. Though I don’t think he needs to worry about the dazzle, since he’d be bent over double in a fit of laughter.”

Want to help save Order from fashion purgatory? Let Mythic know you want to see your gosh darn career already?

Then head over to the thread on the official forums to give them a piece of your mind.

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