Guild Update: ZOMG People!

It’s been a little over a month since I last posted about my guild, and there has been a massive improvement in that span of time.

TMJ has reached a nice, stable point where we average about 5-8 people on at a time. I’ve noticed that as the night stretches on into the time when I really should be in bed, more people start logging in. For example, last night when I helped some alliance members out in Blood/Bile around 1 a.m, I noticed we had 15 people online!

The last time I saw 15 people online was months and months ago!

The people who I see log on everyday are generally split down the middle. We have a few 40s from the old guard mixed with some brand new 40s (including one Chosen who found me in The Inevitable City and used his WAR Tract to ding  40 in front of me. Aww!). Then we have our up and coming members in Tiers 2 and 3 who are tons of fun to group up with on my tiny Shaman.

On the whole I think I got really lucky and ended up with a real solid group of quality players, not just in how they play their characters, but in how respectful they are. A few have made sure to let me know when they will be absent for an extended period so I don’t think they have left. Most ask my permission before taking items from the guild vault, and when they do they try to add something back into it, be it gold or another item.

I’m quite happy with where TMJ is right now and I’m glad I stuck out the rough patch to get here. Also, the fact that a Chosen came up to me and asked to join the guild after he had read my blog helped boost my spirits a lot <3



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WAR Bureau Goes Pink For Tink

We all love you Tink

Edit: My guild and alliance members are getting in on Pink for Tink too!


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Hey you, kid in the gray shirt!

Way back in my first or second week of seventh grade, my tiny self was out on the soccer field during gym with my equally tiny peers. Suddenly, a girl yelled out, “Hey you, kid in the gray shirt!” to get the attention of one of the other students. Problem was, we were all wearing the same gray shirts.

Names are important.

I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to pick names for any toon I create in Warhammer. If after an hour I still can’t come up with a name that just fits the archmage I’m trying to make, I don’t play that archmage until I do. No random name generator for me, no sir.

Sometimes I read through lists of names online until I find one that sticks with me. Most of the time though the names I choose have some sort of meaning behind them for me.

Take my main toon, my Witch Elf Satsume. I had been asked before by an alliance mate if I was one of those people obsessed with Asian culture, explaining my name choice. While I do have an affinity for such things (my fiancé is half Korean after all…) the name Satsume has nothing to do with it.

SatsumaSatsume’s name before the great Vortex migration was Satsuma. As in, the name of the shower gel I bought from The Body Shop the summer after I graduated from high school. It smells amazing and I love it, so I gave the name to my Witch Elf when I bought WAR a few months later.

Same goes for my Shaman, Scarlets, and my Black Orc, Swoon. Scarlets is a play on my own name, a joke at how many times people have called me Scarlet instead of Charlotte. Swoon is the name of an awesome artist.

Plus, you have to admit Swoon is a funny name for a Blorc.

How about you guys? Do the names you pick for your toons have any special meaning or history behind them? Or do you go with the name generator and cross your fingers?


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The First Week

So, my first week as guild leader was rather, uh, interesting.

The Good

  • Recruited four people into the guild, one of which brought an alt with him. Another asked if I could invite his friend too, bringing the total to five!
  • Guild ranks have been fixed up and the officer alts now have their own classification.
  • Promoted a long-time guild member to officer. I could have sworn he had been one before. He helped me fix up the guild ranks and came up with the names.
  • Cleaned up and organized the guild vault with the help of another guild officer. Now you can actually find things!
  • Took part in alliance discussions, culminating in three guilds joining the alliance.

The Bad

  • Lost about 20 toons, mostly due to an officer doing a much needed inactivity purge. However, I also lost several people because they took offense at the actions of some alliance members. Still on good terms with one of them though.
  • Three officers are spending more of their time playing WoW than WAR.
  • One officer left the guild entirely. We spoke beforehand and I understood his reasons. I told him he could keep his alt in the guild, which he was happy about :)

The Ugly

  • A previous guild leader tried asking me to give him leadership. The resulting exchange that occurred means I won’t be /waving at him for a while.

There you have it, my first week as a guild leader. Still learning as I go along, but my alliance and two of my officers are really helping me out.


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New Guild Leader

I saw my guild leader was in-game today, so I logged on to say hi because I hadn’t spoken with him in a while. He and some other guildies and alliance members have begun playing WoW lately, and he’s been losing interest with WAR.

So, guess who’s now guild leader?

I’ll have been with my guild for a year come July, but this is going to take some seriously getting used to. And a recommitment to guild recruitment.

I’m also hoping that this won’t stress me out too much and cause me to ragequit. Things have been kind of rocky lately, and I’m our fourth leader in about two-three months. We need some stability, and I’m praying I won’t run us into the ground.

Well, I suppose this means no more lurking on alts on different servers for a while. Anyone have any advice on running a guild?


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I thought the three Destro warbands we had roaming around the lakes the other night was a lot. I was mistaken. After we failed to reach a Stage 2 in Altdorf last night, we were confronted with an Order zerg in ORvR.

Nothing like getting trampled by anywhere between 150-180 red names to make running tombs sound pretty good.

I couldn't fit them all in the screenshot. More and more just kept running over me!


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Revenge of the Zergs

All it takes is mention of 100% bonus to renown and experience, and tons of people come out of the woodwork.

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