About WAR Bureau

WAR Bureau is a blog focused on Warhammer Online. It covers all sorts of aspects of the game, from patch notes to game stats. At the core of the blog, as the game itself, are the players. Players are the basis for posts on what to play and user-generated information, like Winkl’s WAR Stats.

Who I Am

I’ve played WAR since the week after it came out in September 2008. I’ve experienced the ups and downs across four servers (Open RvR: Bechafen, Praag; Core: Vortex, Volkmar). I’ve also recently begun playing Order on Badlands.

WAR Bureau

I’m a university student, and this blog began as a class assignment. I have a rank 40 Witch Elf and I’m leveling a Witch Hunter. I prefer to give away high-rank gear I can’t use to unsuspecting players. I don’t run warbands, so whenever I get passed the lead I hot potato it to someone else as quickly as possible. I love chicken battles, and my favorite emote is /salute.

5 responses to “About

  1. Greetings, I heard your appearance on the Warhammer Alliance podcast and thought I’d poke by. I also wanted to invite you to pay a cameo on Phoenix Throne Order Side to join us for any of our Trinity Raids. I am the Ceannard (Guild Leader) of the Gaiscioch Family which is the largest family on the Phoenix Throne Server (640 Characters over 2 Halves of the Family). Check us out sometime at http://www.GaisciochNaAnu.com/. I hope to see you around sometime. I am frequently playing Daghdre, Dannan, Danann, or Fugmug.

    Slan go Foil!

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  3. forjador

    Love the blog, I found it thanks to Bootae. I added you to my blogroll :)



    satsume it is me war song you have vent info ?

    they changed it and i have been look every were for some kinda info
    plz get back to me thank take it easy

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