Hello Gorfang!

Mr. Meh seems to have beaten me to the punch with his post about rolling Order on Gorfang. I’ve been in a rut with Warhammer Online lately, so last week I decided to try to shake it off by playing Order!

My highest level Order toon is rank 17-ish, but I’ve sworn off touching Badlands as my teeny way of helping with their population problem.

So, behold my itty bitty Witch Hunter and Rune Priest!















I think I’m most excited about getting a gyrocopter!



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11 responses to “Hello Gorfang!

  1. Hmmm… I may have to dust off my Gorfang Destro and introduce myself. ;)

  2. It’s what all the cool kids are doing. Witha 17, I think you beat me to the punch.

    You didn’t give us your in game names. How are we supposed to stalk you?

    Nice to see a post again. I better see another post before next month >:)

    • Nah, the 17 is on Badlands, so I rolled brand new ones for Gorfang.

      The WH is Riabbsen and the RP is Sonsoles. What about your dwarf army? We can plot Gaar’s demise together…

      • All for it. I’ll be alternating toons for crafting these next couple of weeks. Main is going to be Laeg though. That’s for sure, the other three are on my blog.

        If you get stuck or bored, look me up and I’ll show you around order.

        Also, make nice with Andrew, he’s in with the good players here.

  3. shadowwar

    Feel free to hit me up. When I play, I’m usually on my Shadow Warrior – Zayr. Gorfang’s a good place, and even better is that Order is *currently* the underdog, which means insta-pops, constant fights, and tons of small-group action. Sadly, I get a feeling the pendulum is about to swing, and it makes me a sad panda.

  4. Welcome to Gorfang! It’s a silly place but a great community. Hope yall enjoy your stay here!

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