Happy Anniversary to Me!

In the midst of preparing to graduate and planning a wedding, I totally forgot that  WAR Bureau turned one year old on September 3.


Over the course of one year, I managed to write a measly 45 posts (including this one). Pathetic! Shame on you, Charlotte-Skaven-Witch-Elf-thing, shame!

My stats aren’t all that impressive given my tiny post count, but there are other more interesting things!

In the past year I

And so, I tip my hat to you kind readers for visiting and to Mythic for making such an awesome game.

After all, how many people can say that an MMO helped them pass not just one, but three college classes?



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4 responses to “Happy Anniversary to Me!

  1. Congrats! And good luck on the wedding. My wife and I got married in April and it was a year in the making. Can be really stressful at times!

  2. Zeathy

    Kudos to you. See you at the 2 year mark.

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  4. They always say the first year is the roughest in almost everything you do. You did it. Congratulations.

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