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Giant Slayer Items

For the past several months I have been wearing the Giant Slayer Corset on my Witch Elf. I’ve gotten rather bored with the look of it, but there’s no way I’m giving up its 6 percent melee crit any time soon.

Recently though I’ve been getting several tells from people asking where I got it. When I told the first person it dropped in the Screaming Cat instance in Altdorf, I realized that with the new city mechanic, Screaming Cat was no longer available as far as I knew.

According to a thread on the forums, the content has been taken out, but the devs want to put it back in…sometime…hopefully….

So I guess I’m a bit more appreciative now of my luck in landing that chestpiece then I ever was before.

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Guild Update: ZOMG People!

It’s been a little over a month since I last posted about my guild, and there has been a massive improvement in that span of time.

TMJ has reached a nice, stable point where we average about 5-8 people on at a time. I’ve noticed that as the night stretches on into the time when I really should be in bed, more people start logging in. For example, last night when I helped some alliance members out in Blood/Bile around 1 a.m, I noticed we had 15 people online!

The last time I saw 15 people online was months and months ago!

The people who I see log on everyday are generally split down the middle. We have a few 40s from the old guard mixed with some brand new 40s (including one Chosen who found me in The Inevitable City and used his WAR Tract to ding  40 in front of me. Aww!). Then we have our up and coming members in Tiers 2 and 3 who are tons of fun to group up with on my tiny Shaman.

On the whole I think I got really lucky and ended up with a real solid group of quality players, not just in how they play their characters, but in how respectful they are. A few have made sure to let me know when they will be absent for an extended period so I don’t think they have left. Most ask my permission before taking items from the guild vault, and when they do they try to add something back into it, be it gold or another item.

I’m quite happy with where TMJ is right now and I’m glad I stuck out the rough patch to get here. Also, the fact that a Chosen came up to me and asked to join the guild after he had read my blog helped boost my spirits a lot <3


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