Hey you, kid in the gray shirt!

Way back in my first or second week of seventh grade, my tiny self was out on the soccer field during gym with my equally tiny peers. Suddenly, a girl yelled out, “Hey you, kid in the gray shirt!” to get the attention of one of the other students. Problem was, we were all wearing the same gray shirts.

Names are important.

I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to pick names for any toon I create in Warhammer. If after an hour I still can’t come up with a name that just fits the archmage I’m trying to make, I don’t play that archmage until I do. No random name generator for me, no sir.

Sometimes I read through lists of names online until I find one that sticks with me. Most of the time though the names I choose have some sort of meaning behind them for me.

Take my main toon, my Witch Elf Satsume. I had been asked before by an alliance mate if I was one of those people obsessed with Asian culture, explaining my name choice. While I do have an affinity for such things (my fiancé is half Korean after all…) the name Satsume has nothing to do with it.

SatsumaSatsume’s name before the great Vortex migration was Satsuma. As in, the name of the shower gel I bought from The Body Shop the summer after I graduated from high school. It smells amazing and I love it, so I gave the name to my Witch Elf when I bought WAR a few months later.

Same goes for my Shaman, Scarlets, and my Black Orc, Swoon. Scarlets is a play on my own name, a joke at how many times people have called me Scarlet instead of Charlotte. Swoon is the name of an awesome artist.

Plus, you have to admit Swoon is a funny name for a Blorc.

How about you guys? Do the names you pick for your toons have any special meaning or history behind them? Or do you go with the name generator and cross your fingers?



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8 responses to “Hey you, kid in the gray shirt!

  1. My names aren’t from the random generator, but I rarely use the same name twice in games.

    My original BW name was Kunek. I later found out in Asian it means a certain male part. I just randomly made the name because I thought as a BW Kunek Dadots was kind of cool. Later after the dot nerf someone suggested I change it to Kunek Four. I was pretty hated on my old server for being so outspoken so when server mergers came someone took my name so I had to get a new one. I couldn’t really think of a new name and ended up with Klurkk. He is now Klurkk Mioph.

    My other BW on Badlands is called Zoxxor, and I stole that name from my Skald in Daoc. I found a funny last name for him too. His full name is Zoxxor Soxoff.

    My other Tier 3 BW is called Ziarra which I named after Ciarra who I have a mad crush on in RL. No last name.

    I have a female WP who is a hottie. I named her Dubbletake Headturner.

    My SH name is Peppertooth. I just wanted to take two abstract words and put them together.

    My names in Warcraft were Eyeball, Zira, Zing, Korg, and Hya.

    SWG my character was Fitty Scent a musician.

    Aion my cleric was Lira.

    In Daoc I had a troll warrior called Xorg Thunderbolt, a Shambot called Kergoar, a Archer called Rubberband, and my skald Zoxxor.

    The rubberband name was kind of humorous because when I killed people it would say You were just killed by Rubberband. It is the small things that make me laugh sometimes.

    In EQ my shaman was called Blaen Stonecruncher.

  2. I like what Champions Online did … they allow people to have the same first name but they add in an @yourloginname (or something like that). It’s small and not in the way and everyone gets the name they truly want.

  3. I come from an RP background. I mostly was associated with the Irish themed guilds, Roisin Dubh and Gaiscioch, which you should remember.

    My White Lion

    • Crap iPhone….

      I named my WL Laeg, after the chariot rider from the Ulster Tales. On the tabletop game you can have chariot WL being pulled by lions. I felt it apropriate.

      I named my KoBS Haul, which is Celtic Welsh for Sun. And also interesting for a tank. Double win.

      My WP are named after me, Nick in some fashion, nicholaes.

      My Dwarven experiments have been modelled on Norse mythology. In my engineers case, Baldhur for his seeming ability to be invincible. And Frehja for the female RP I had for awhile.

      And I always reserve Kauyon for all servers as that is my common handle in most things. Which is Tau for patient warrior from Warhammer 40K. If you ever see a Kauyon running about in any game, there’s a good chance it’s me.

  4. All but two ( Doctorquinn Medicinegobbo and Donkeywrath) of my chars’ names mean something funny in my native portuguese but my main was renamed by GOA in one of the server transfers so that one means nothing (although Ehone sounds like the noise a donkey makes).

    My favourite must be the one I use the less, a Chosen called Chaimite. Everybody loves a Chaimite.

  5. Aravistatoo

    Almost all my names are one I create and have some type of meaning for me, some funny and others personal. Bettybee? Because I adore Bettie Page ( and bees actually) and one day I will be just like her. :) Aravista is a slight play on another name that I have used forever both online and off which is Avis. It, and the last name I use with it, have a strong meaning for me and so I like to have it around. Aravistatoo was because in the serversmush that happened, I wanted to try to find anyone I knew ( and it WORKED!) I generally try to keep all my toons with an Ara in the name so it’s less confusing for myself and others. In D&D and she’s a fighter, my go to name is Sevaria which I am happy to say is a family name from my mother’s italian side. A good strong name for a chick that will cut. you. :P Of course if it’s a rogue, I try to make it something amusing. My kender ( whom i luuuuuuuuurved playing) was named Peeps Ohwow, since she said that ALL the time after peeping at a thing and then blowing it up. And my current gnome is Nyx Kapluie, since generally she ends up setting OFF the traps rather than disabling them. Hm. There seems to be a lot of blowing up happening…
    I blame the dice.


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  7. shadowwar

    Somehow I missed this post. Don’t know how.


    My Knight (Karstaedt) is my last name. Properly Germanic for a Prussian-themed race.

    My SW, is Zayr. In a lot of games, I’ve almost always had a fondness for short names. Shorter is better. Four letters is the lowest most will let you go, and Zayr is just one I’ve alyways used for DPS classes. I really don’t know why.

    I frequently use the name “Lope” as well for rogue-ish type classes. I pulled it off a painting of a spitfire that clipped off the wing of a japanese zero that used to hang over my computer. The nose of the spitfire had the name “Lope’s hope” painted on it.

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