The First Week

So, my first week as guild leader was rather, uh, interesting.

The Good

  • Recruited four people into the guild, one of which brought an alt with him. Another asked if I could invite his friend too, bringing the total to five!
  • Guild ranks have been fixed up and the officer alts now have their own classification.
  • Promoted a long-time guild member to officer. I could have sworn he had been one before. He helped me fix up the guild ranks and came up with the names.
  • Cleaned up and organized the guild vault with the help of another guild officer. Now you can actually find things!
  • Took part in alliance discussions, culminating in three guilds joining the alliance.

The Bad

  • Lost about 20 toons, mostly due to an officer doing a much needed inactivity purge. However, I also lost several people because they took offense at the actions of some alliance members. Still on good terms with one of them though.
  • Three officers are spending more of their time playing WoW than WAR.
  • One officer left the guild entirely. We spoke beforehand and I understood his reasons. I told him he could keep his alt in the guild, which he was happy about :)

The Ugly

  • A previous guild leader tried asking me to give him leadership. The resulting exchange that occurred means I won’t be /waving at him for a while.

There you have it, my first week as a guild leader. Still learning as I go along, but my alliance and two of my officers are really helping me out.



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5 responses to “The First Week

  1. Running a guild sometimes is a good motivator on playing more.

  2. Which is a good and a bad thing I might add.

  3. Chris

    The old guild leader sounds like they wanted you to fix the guild and get it organized so that they didn’t have to do the dirty work. It’s good that you stood your ground and told him to kick rocks.

  4. Aeo

    How’s the guild going now? Not seen a post from you for a while :)

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