New Guild Leader

I saw my guild leader was in-game today, so I logged on to say hi because I hadn’t spoken with him in a while. He and some other guildies and alliance members have begun playing WoW lately, and he’s been losing interest with WAR.

So, guess who’s now guild leader?

I’ll have been with my guild for a year come July, but this is going to take some seriously getting used to. And a recommitment to guild recruitment.

I’m also hoping that this won’t stress me out too much and cause me to ragequit. Things have been kind of rocky lately, and I’m our fourth leader in about two-three months. We need some stability, and I’m praying I won’t run us into the ground.

Well, I suppose this means no more lurking on alts on different servers for a while. Anyone have any advice on running a guild?



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6 responses to “New Guild Leader

  1. Quickly figure out who your most active players are and promote them to officer status.

    Set one day a week for open recruitment and make sure everyone possible is online that day.

    3 ranks has always been enough for my guild. Officer, not-Officer, and Newbie. Be clear what your membership requirements are, be quick to advance your newbies to it.

    Offer people 2g to join your guild. It only feels like cheating until you realize they’ll stay with you guys. (payout when they reach “Member” status).

    Probably lots of other stuff too. Being really rich helps.

  2. gaarawarr

    Don’t take it too seriously. Figure out why your guild plays and focus on that. Mine has always just played to have fun first, everything else second. Only reason we’ve been around for as long as we have, although we’re tiny. hehe

  3. Being guild leader can sometimes be a frustrating experience.

    You soon realize how much drama is in the guild when you get whispers all night.

    Players expect you to drop anything you do to help them out.

    Be ready to answer tons of questions.

    Everyone thinks they should be an officer, or an hour later move up 3 ranks.

    First questions every new member asks is if you have a website/forums, but than nobody visits them.

    I have always been a pretty strict guild leader. I don’t judge activity by the last login date. I used to have a spreadsheet with ranks, renown, and etc so I would actually know who was progressing, and who was just clearing their last logged in date.

    A week with no progression was an automatic kick. Players initially would complain, but guess what I had at the end? I would have players who logged in every night 3-4 hours to do stuff.

    I make Ventrilo a requirement. It helps create more friendships, and bonding within the guild.

    I used to always make an alt, and spend hours recruiting. I would send whispers to anyone unguilded. It has always worked best for me to mass recruit, and weed out the bad guys. You end up with a solid guild.

    In WAR it seems a little harder to recruit once you have a guild with 40’s. No new person wants to listen about tier 4 all night so you have to make sure you recruit around 50 tier 1 players so they feel like they aren’t playing solo, and have someone to do stuff with.

    • In the past the guild I have been in have had two guilds. A level cap one and one for alts and leveling. It works quite well for War as they can be part of the same alliance.

  4. Thanks for all the help you guys :D

    I’m probably going to keep the ranks in the guild the same for now, just for some consistency (currently by wards). I’ll definitely start working on an alt to recruit in lower tiers once these two weeks of freenown are up.

    I also probably need to figure out a way to make money faster, seeing as I don’t have a crafting skill fully leveled >.>

    @OneShard One of my alliance leaders actually does just that. I probably won’t though because he already had the alt guild partially leveled up and just began using it again for alts and people in lower tiers.

  5. shadowwar

    Honestly, the first sentence from Garrawarr is the best advice. Figure out what you want to do as a guild, and focus on that. People will come and go without direction, but as long as you have a clear idea and direction, people who want to be a part of that will stick around.

    Outside of that, grow a thick skin, and get used to multi-tasking with tells.

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