I thought the three Destro warbands we had roaming around the lakes the other night was a lot. I was mistaken. After we failed to reach a Stage 2 in Altdorf last night, we were confronted with an Order zerg in ORvR.

Nothing like getting trampled by anywhere between 150-180 red names to make running tombs sound pretty good.

I couldn't fit them all in the screenshot. More and more just kept running over me!



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4 responses to “MOAR ZERGS!

  1. I hate when the other faction gives up, and goes to the land of the dead. That is why I think that zone should be open to both sides 24/7 so players can’t go hide.

    • I don’t like running away to LotD either, but it’s better than being demoralized and ragequitting because you’re facing six-seven warbands and the rest of your realm disappeared after Altdorf.

      Part of me likes the lock-outs on LotD because it causes you play more strategically, knowing that if you die you lose access for a while. It’s a bit more of an adrenaline rush.

      • LOTD has never attracted me. I went there during the prelaunch PTS, and the first day of live of the zone.

        My guilds have been pvp focused so LOTD was off limits.

        I am not that crazy about having the best item in the game in every slot. If I kill a bunch of players I am happy. I doubt having the best rings, and jewelry will really make a difference with me since I am not that great of a player so why waste my time doing pve.

  2. Domorak

    150-180 thats about what our Keeps are telling us nearly every evening the order zerg is marching on our server.
    But still nothing compared to the organised King raids with 2 keeps under siege at the same time signaling 500+ attackers total, but well the destruction numbers can reach a total of 400+ sometimes too.
    The problem there is massive lag and if any side gets a few defending warbands together the result is quite clear. Zonecrash here we come!

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