On A Happier Note

My Warhammer Online account was charged 22 times in the billing fiasco that’s going on right now. I am a very sad panda, as I expect most of you affected are.

That’s why I now present to you my latest Warhammer-inspired school project!

Behold, A Year of WAR: An Abridged Look At Warhammer Online’s First Year.

I hope my slightly buggy classwork cheers someone up. I know just clicking on the buttons makes me happy :)



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6 responses to “On A Happier Note

  1. That is pretty cool looking.

  2. Neat, it’s hard to believe that the game is closing in on 2 years old. It really has gone by fast.

  3. Hmm, I think this billing issue was just for you in the US, or I just got lucky.

    Nice school project. A few hints:
    Flash kind of blows when it comes to SEO so take a look at what you have written in your meta description and keywords. You also might want to put a h1 in.

    h1 = A Year of War | Warhammer Online
    Desc = An abridged look at Warhammer Online
    s first year. Flash and design by Charlotte Porter.
    Keywords = Timeline, Warhammer, Charlotte Porter, War, First year

    Keep it short. You only got aprox 70 chars for title, 150 for desc and don’t use more then 8 keywords.
    Put in Add This or something like that so People help you spread your work.

    Cheers! :)


    • Thanks for the advice! I think we might be going over SEO in lab today, so I’ll definitely add that into the project :D Also, good to hear you didn’t get hit with the charges!

  4. You are only missing the biggest thing to happen to Warhammer Online and that is when I started playing. I can’t believe you missed that in your timeline, in case you forgot it was in Dec. that I started playing so if you could add that in there. K Thx Bye.

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