WAR = Health Care Reform?

What with lots of schoolwork, being sick and my already lax IRL newsiness, I haven’t really been paying attention to the fact that health care was being voted on tonight.

This is why I’m glad I have friends like Aravista, who texts me this information in a language I can understand.

Ara: Oh my God watching this health care vote is like watching a zone flip.


Ara: Lol but it is!! It flipped!!!!!! Health care nown!!!!

Me: It passed!?!?

Ara: Sorta. Now the tweaking begins. The dems need to take the motion to commit.

Me: Aaaahhhh

Ara: Its Reikland now. It goes to Obama’s desk and its Altdorf stage 2!! Go king kill!! Where’s DROW???



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4 responses to “WAR = Health Care Reform?

  1. I haven’t read one thing about the health care reform, and have no clue how it is going to affect me. I guess I will find out the next time I go to the doctor.

    • Ditto. Life’s going to be interesting when I lose my insurance next year!

      • shadowwar

        On a more depressing note, none of the benefits kick in till 2014, but all the taxes/fines start immediately. Most companies renew policies at the beginning of every year. Given that insuring a person is usually more expensive than the proposed fines, I think it’s easy to figure out what most companies will choose.


  2. I like your insights on the drow, i have recently pupblished a series on the topic. I look foward to you comments. http://colossusofevil.wordpress.com/

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