Does This Smell Like Chloroform To You?

Occasionally you find lovely gems on the forums that remind you of just how awesome the game and its community are.

One such thread appeared on my main server’s forum just over a week ago and has been steadily growing since then. The original poster is a marauder, and I’ve come to know her posts for their attempts at seducing members of Order.

This time, Ultravalefor has her sights (and tentacles) set on a Witch Hunter, Kaelystra/Voldranne. She even recorded a cover of Seal’s “Kiss from a Rose” for her newest object of affection.

The awesomeness didn’t end there though. The thread has since spiraled into a hilarious conversation/role-playing instance where Ultra is attempting to lure Kaelystra to the dark side, where not only are there cookies, but also caresses from tentacles in the moonlight.

While Kaelystra has so far resisted, we will have to see how long she can hold out. Ultra does have an excellent fashion sense, and those tentacles can be so gentle.



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2 responses to “Does This Smell Like Chloroform To You?

  1. gaarawarr

    The ‘Possibly related posts’ are spot on for this one, I must say.
    – Bigger Picture
    – Featured Forum-Bicycle Tutor (the real winner here)
    – Forum Updates: live

    Just sayin…

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