Chickens of the Damned


I think I’ve made my undying love for Warhammer chickens quite clear. So last night when some alliance members and I went tome unlock hunting, I was more than a little excited at the prospect of flapping around lower tier RvR lakes.

One of the battlefield objectives we went to, in Ostland I believe, had a miniature cemetery. We seized the opportunity to become Chickens of the Damned, the fearsome bawk-bawking you hear in the dark of night.

Graveyard Chickens

A chicken for each tombstone

Our fun didn’t end there though. We journeyed to High Pass, where we lurked about the corpse of a dead NPC.

Chicken Death

Chickens, harbingers of doom.

Yes, we are the grotesque chickens that haunt your dreams and your farm.

Chicken Plotters

Fear the soft clucking, for it means we are plotting your demise.


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  1. I approve of this post <333333

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