Why Can’t I Be Da Biggest?

I missed out on the stability test on the PTS last night, but I was able to log into the Mythic vent to catch the tail end of the Q & A. An alliance mate asked me to put a question in my comment, but Andy and Nate had already passed by the C’s.

However, I luckily had a guildie (whose name began with T) who was in-game and in vent, and was willing to put our question in his comment.

We wanted to know if there were any plans to create bigger Black Orc models.

Andy said that he was in favor of the change and had brought it to the higher-ups, but they turned it down. He noted that they had a few reasons that he couldn’t remember offhand, but confirmed there are no current plans to implement bigger Black Orcs.

So, for now there will be no green, mean, 8-foot tall fungi tanks. What a shame.



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4 responses to “Why Can’t I Be Da Biggest?

  1. It always bothered me after the expansion to see Choppas bigger than a Black Orc.

    But then again, alot to most of the Lore was broken in this game.

  2. This actually sucks big time :( What with the nerfs and generally not being very good any more, Blorcs are soooo 2008.

  3. Sumner

    I’m the best guildie ever:)
    It is a little disappointing they won’t make the change. I got the Blood Bowl game not too long ago and at least they got the Blorcs size right.

  4. zizlak

    Well if Blorc’s can’t get bigger..then Choppas should get a bit smaller.

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