Adventures in Deutschland!

I downloaded the European version of WAR last week (I had to leave my computer on over night to finish the patching!)

The first server I checked out was Drakenwald, one of the two German servers for the game. I rolled a teeny tiny Witch Elf and was confused to see English on the loading screens and tutorial.

But then, the English vanished. In its place was German! German everywhere!

It was almost as if I was on another continent…hmm…

I have no idea what any of this says!

I fled to the familiarity of English-speaking Karak Azgal soon afterwards, where I saw someone say “Cheers!” instead of “Thank you!” in region chat.

Europeans are awesome.



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5 responses to “Adventures in Deutschland!

  1. Haha, nice post!

    The guys in the advice chat talked about the high prices in the auction house (just fyi).

  2. zizlak

    Well ..the game client can be set to English (/language 1), so you wouldn’t have had problems with skill-names, quests, etc..

    The chat would still remain German though, so this might not help you so much ;)

  3. @Erdknuffel Thank you, I feel enlightened now! :D

    @Zizlak I didn’t know I could change it, that’s really cool. I might just leave it German though and call it an immersive learning experience.

  4. I guess that would be one way to learn German. It could be fun just making up what you think they are saying.

  5. @Brian:

    I would say german is easy to learn. Its so similar to english…that’s historical related.

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