IRL: I Survived!

Technically I still have one more exam to go, but I’m declaring victory now. I will gladly accept the 1.3.3 patch as my welcome-back-to-WAR present. Thank you, Mythic.

Curious as to what exactly kept me away from WAR and led to me becoming a zombie journalism student?

ProjectThat beast right there. That my dear Waaaghers is a research project on one of my state legislators filled with public records.

Lots of goodies, such as property records, Form 6 Financial Disclosures, campaign contributions and expenditures dating back to 1998, one traffic ticket, and even a copy of his income tax return.

I stopped counting after page 80.

I also had another big project that I finished today. At 4 p.m. on the dot.

I remember the exact time because that’s when my multimedia reporting class was due to present our Web site package, which I was coding right up until the last minute.

Over the course of that project I broke the Internet (whoops) and learned an entirely new way to design a site.

While I still need to fix errors with the structure (don’t view in IE please), it’s live and it’s wonderful. My department chair even stopped by to check it out.

You can see it at


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  1. It works great in Google Chrome, in case anyone is tired of using Firefox. =)

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