Support a Fellow Waaagher

I was poking around other server forums on Warhammer Alliance, and I came across a post by Durendal on Iron Rock. It’s an absolutely wonderful example of just how amazing the WAR community really is:

Hello Iron Rock,

I’m here to solicit some help for a fellow guildie and Iron Rocker in a contest that involves daily voting.

She’s had an accident as a child that damaged the blood vessels in her mouth and over the years it has affected her gums and teeth’s immunity and caused numerous complications. Personally I was blessed with awesome teeth so I had no clue but… bad teeth are a real serious health problem and cause other complications… think of it this way… you have an infection in you and your body is continuously fighting it. As I understand it, it can even lead to heart attacks (don’t ask me how.) But this is about way more than aesthetics.…ck-65225.shtml

So here comes along this contest, “My smile bites”, which will select one person to receive whatever treatment and dental care they need for up to $30,000. We thought we had enough people in guild to give her a chance but… clearly not enough as we keep seeing her drop in the ranking… below people that want their teeth whitened or people that screwed up their teeth with, I kid you not, their crystal meth addiction (I can’t believe they’d actually put that in their vid lol)

Well we’re not giving up yet. As a guild we’re not enough to make a difference so we’re recruiting voting help wherever we can find it.…dentist-fall09

Check the video, decide if you wanna help us. If you do you can vote daily, for some reason you only see the ranking after you vote.

EDIT: They have switched the form around…nothing prevents you from submitting the form as much as you want but there’s is a captcha… and the ranking is no longer revealed. We presume they have taken these steps to eliminate bots and proxies.

Melanie (Perizada in game) is the kind of girl with a very cheery and bubbly personality but on picture we never saw her smile. Here’s hoping we can change that and she can get a smile that fits her personality

Thx in advance for the help.

I watched her video and voted. Good luck, Melanie.



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3 responses to “Support a Fellow Waaagher

  1. This is a very touching story. Thanks for sharing, and I hope she wins this.

  2. Aravistatoo

    I voted too. Crossing Finger, daggers, sword and chalice that she gets this.


  3. I agree, I hope she gets this.

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