The tiny flapping wings. The teeny little talons. The hollowed-out chest cavities.

I love Warhammer chickens.

Back when I played on Praag, I was in an alliance that organized a “chicken run.” Several of us gathered in Nordland and transformed into rotting, freaky looking fowls.

Praag Chicken Run
Praag Chicken Run

One interesting thing I noticed was what happens when a Magus is chickened. Normally, they float around on their discs, but chickens are all about the running, jumping and flailing wings.

Thus, Magus chickens get a nice spotlight beneath them to represent their discs, as shown in the picture on the right.

But anyway, the chicken run was a blast. We all had fun flapping around and reading the confusion of nearby low-level players in region chat. That was really what we had intended all along.

So, I was absolutely delighted when I saw a post on the WAR forums a few weeks ago about organizing a chicken battle.

When a player is chickened by entering an RvR area too far below their rank, their abilities become unusable and the majority of their health is taken away. All you can do is auto-attack and bawk at your opponents.

A chicken versus chicken showdown was new to me, and I was incredibly excited.

Plans were made and the bird bash occurred Sept. 30. Only a few Order showed up, and I was the only Destruction player as far as I know.

We pecked at each other the best we could, but sometimes the auto-attack wouldn’t work and we resorted to waving our wings in each other’s faces or simply staring each other down.

Chicken Staring Contest
Chicken Staring Contest

Soon, low-level players showed up to actually use the RvR lake, so I tried to help Destruction take down Order as much as I could.

All in all, the turnout was less than I had hoped for, but I had a great time and made an Order friend. I also got a screenshot of myself next to a dead Knight of the Blazing Sun.

Chicken Triumph!
Chicken Triumph!

And that’s just awesome in my book.



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5 responses to “Chickens

  1. Gah, never been in an actual chicken fight. Did you guys actually get any kills on normal players? I hear there’s a load of unlocks for that.

    Added to my blogroll. =D

    • Thanks for the addition!

      As for the chicken fight, we sadly killed no normal players. My auto-attack was still being sketchy, so I just flapped and jumped around to confuse them. The Order chickens and I did get killed plenty by them, though.

      I’m going to keep trying!

  2. Katie

    Cool post. It seems like the point of a chicken fight is ‘slumming,’ so to speak- fighting at a level far below your capabilities just to do something different. Is that about right, or am I way off base?

    • You’re close. When you’re a chicken, you can’t really fight at all, especially if your auto-attack isn’t working. But you’re right about doing it to do something different. Sometimes if there isn’t anything going on, it’s just fun to jump down to Tier 1 and run amok.

      Like Grimnir said, you are also able to access special Tome of Knowledge unlocks that are only available as a chicken.

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